A MOTORCYCLIST who was injured in a crash was airlifted to hospital with leg, wrist and internal injuries.

The motorcyclist's injuries are not believed to be life threatening. The crash which involved a motorcycle and a car took place just after 5pm on Sunday, April 21, at the junction of Dyers Lane and Kingcombe Lane, Chipping Campden.

The motorcyclist was taken to Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Birmingham. The driver was not injured.

Godfrey Bell who lives in the area has called for changes to be made, describing the junction as dangerous: "The real problem is that after traffic and bikes come round the bend east of the Kingcombe main entrance, they are faced with a dead straight road ahead that looks like a race track and traffic uses it like one. The little junction is virtually inconspicuous despite the normal-sized junction signs.

The other significant contributing factor to all accidents on that junction is traffic coming up the hill in Dyers Lane (heading towards Dovers Hill) and turning right into Kingcombe Lane. This is a difficult turn as you are on a hill start and as you look right it is not always easy to anticipate how fast the approaching traffic is travelling."

Mr Bell said he was pleased to receive an email reply from the office of MP Geoffrey Clifton-Brown, assuring him that they have raised the issue of the road junction with the local authority.

Rhodri Grey, local highways manager, said: “Following a meeting with Mr Bell last year, we have carried out a number of improvements in the last six months. Road signs have been moved further back from the junction, vegetation has been cut back, white lines in the middle of the road and junction markings have been repainted and extra warning signs have been added, reminding drivers to slow down.

“We recently reviewed the safety of the junction again and were satisfied that no further changes were needed due to the low level of personal injuries in the last five years.

“We will continue to monitor the situation going forward and consider any action if the need arises.”