Cotswold author Chris Blount will be launching his new book this evening (Wednesday) at Jaffe and Neale bookshop in Chipping Norton.

Chris's book, Blue Cinnamon, centres around the issue of being able to predict when you might die.

It revolves around three siblings who each have something to offer each other. Each has a character flaw, the knowledge of which is extremely useful to the other two.

The author, who lives in Leafield, says the book captures the sense of how we thirst for knowledge of and control over our lives; how we feel we are getting ever closer to finding out how to manipulate and turn this knowledge to our own advantage to prolong our time here on earth.

"We are becoming more and more involved in our own mortality. especially Millennials have become fascinated with self-analysis.

"We have apps now telling us what to eat, what not to drink, how high our blood pressure is, what our heart rate is lie at any given time, how many steps to reach our goals.

"And if we follow all of this advice we can reduce our chances of dying 'early.' But how much do we really want to know about our life span, could it release a 'dark downside,' of despair and hopelessness?"

There will be a chance to meet Chris from 6.30pm at Jaffe and Neale in Middle Row, Chipping Norton.

For further details, call 01608 641033.