The Britain’s Got Talent Golden Buzzer comic Kojo Anim, has a date at Malvern Theatres in the New Year, as part of his 26-date debut solo tour.

But what makes him buzz?

The 39-year-old father of one was Simon Cowell’s golden buzzer act on this year’s series of the ITV talent show.

The head judge was so blown away by Kojo’s first audition routine he sent him straight into the live semi-finals, saying: “I don’t really like comedians on this show… But I love you!”

His new show, Kojo Anim Presents The Taxi Tour will take in 26 towns and cities across the country.

Getting set for his debut UK tour, Kojo said: “For me, Britain’s Got Talent wasn’t about winning £250,000, it was a chance to get in front of the judges, and to prove to myself that I can perform in front of anybody.

“My goal was to make it to the final, and now here I am – preparing my first solo tour, something I’ve been working towards for 20 years.”

But how has life been since the show?

He said: “Life is great – it’s all kicking off since the show, I mean… I’m going on a UK tour! I went up to the last week of the Edinburgh Festival, to do some shows, spread the word and mingle, which was brilliant, and I’ve had a sold-out try-out show in London too. So it’s all coming together.”

Will you tell us a little bit about your background?

Kojo said: “I was raised in Hackney, East London. My parents are from Ghana, and they got into a bit of trouble, so, from the age of five I was in foster care until about 16.

““I had an amazing experience of foster care. My foster family were from Guyana and Grenada, and I was with them the whole time. I was never moved around, which is brilliant, and a big part of what I want to share about having been a foster child – it’s important for both foster carers and the children to hear that message; foster care is not always a temporary thing.”

Whe did Kojo realise he could make people laugh?

He said: “I’d always been entertaining my family and friends. I was witty and quick with a response; in school, if I got in trouble, it was what I said not what I had done. I had an answer for everything.

“Comedy happened almost by accident. My first love was always football, but I had terrible discipline as a footballer. I was selected for a school of excellence with some of the best young players in England, on a course to study and play football. I was selected, but I had a terrible attitude about being on time, and relied on being very talented. But it didn’t work out.”

He added: “I learned a big lesson in hindsight, and it turned out to be a blessing. Missing that opportunity to change my life, the pain I felt when it ended, that kept me disciplined when I found comedy. I would never let an opportunity ever slip through my hands again. I have so much respect for every opportunity that comes my way now.

“I realised I was a natural with comedy, but that I was going to work hard, find solutions and make no excuses.”

Kojo Anim will be at Malvern’s Forum Theatre on Wednesday, February 26.