COMMUNITIES from across north Herefordshire came together to remember Polish people who made the ultimate sacrifice, particularly in the Second World War.

The Leominster Area Polish Society held the annual event at the town’s cemetery, where there are several Polish graves.

Joe Cocker, one of the organisers of Sunday’s service, said the fourth annual event was well-supported. He started it to remember how important Poland was to the allies in the war effort.

“I kickstarted it, around 2013, when someone drew my attention to the Polish military graves in Leominster cemetery,” he said.

“Me and the Polish community met to tidy them. The one in the worst state had subsided on one side, and it turned out to be a Polish general. There were thousands of Polish people here after the war, at Shobdon, Barons Cross and Foxley.

“It just grew from there. Leominster Town Council have been very supportive: every mayor has come, and county councillors.”