AN important new group has been started in a bid to make life easier for an increasing and under pressure part of the community in Ludlow.

The carers support group will meet on the first and third Monday of each month at Whitefriars.

It can cater for up to six couples and is primarily intended to help those that suffer from dementia and the people that care for them.

Ludlow has a higher than average population of older people and therefore a greater proportion of people suffering from some form of dementia.

Vivienne Parry, a Ludlow town councillor and Shropshire councillor for Ludlow south, believes that the group that has just started will fill an important gap in the services available in the town.

“There is a huge under pressure group in Ludlow,” said Mrs Parry, who has been in the forefront of a move for the town to achieve ‘dementia friendly’ status.

“Dementia is a terrible illness for people to suffer from it and also places great stress upon carers and loved ones.

“What this group will do is provide a little bit of respite and a chance to socialise.”

The group meets from 12.30pm until 3pm.