COMMENTS made about a man's shoes sparked a row at a pub during which another man was left with a fractured jaw.

Richard Francis Harry Butcher, 27, had been accused of inflicting the injury with a single punch.

However, following a four-day trial at Shrewsbury Crown Court last week, Butcher was cleared of a charge of wounding.

The prosecution had claimed he caused the injury to Harry Lee at the Old Lion pub in Cleobury Mortimer two years ago.

The court heard the incident happened in the pub's smoking area in June 2017 when Mr Lee, who was aged 18 at the time, suffered a fracture to the left side of his jaw which needed surgery.

Trouble flared when remarks were made by the victim and his friends who were making fun of Butcher's shoes and comparing them to school shoes.

Mr Lee said he and his friends had been involved in "light banter" about Butcher's shoes and claimed the attack was unprovoked.

Butcher, of Lindridge in Tenbury Wells, had denied the wounding charge, but admitted punching Mr Lee.

He maintained that he did not want to fight and was acting in self defence.

It was claimed that the victim had been acting aggressively and swearing at the defendant and had approached him with a pint glass in his hand.