SUPPORT from a local organisation and individuals has helped the Friends of Whitcliffe Common add new impetus to its efforts to lessen dog fouling of the Ludlow beauty spot.

Three dog bins provided by the Friends have replaced thanks to the generosity of Ludlow Civic Society and two local residents.

Between them they have donated the funds which have enabled the Friends to purchase three new “dog poo” bins.

“The old bins have been in place for over 20 years and have reached the end of their lives,” said Daphne Jones, chair of the Friends.

“We are very grateful for the donations which have provided almost all of the near £1000 cost of the new bins.

“Dog fouling is on an ongoing concern for the Friends.

“The common attracts thousands of people over a year and we want to keep it as hygienic as possible for both the public and our volunteers who work so hard to keep Whitcliffe safe.”

Mrs Jones said the majority of dog owners did clean up after their pets so it was hoped that the new bins would persuade the minority that didn’t to follow suit.

“The bins are situated at points on the most used walks on the common so are well placed for them to be used.”

She repeated the Friends gratitude to the donors and added that it was the second time recently that the organisation had received financial aid for new equipment.

In the other £500 given in memory of a late member of the Friends had enabled the purchase of a new strimmer for use by the volunteers.

Whitcliffe Common is a beauty spot offering superb and iconic views over the town.

It is the responsibility of the Shropshire Wildlife Trust and is managed by the Friends who are a group of volunteers that undertake habitat management and tree planting.

Their work is made possible through donations and grants uncluding the support of Ludlow Town Council