PARENTS in Tenbury are being encouraged to make sure that children get more exercise.

It is part of an initiative to set young people on the right road to making sure that they lead fit and healthy lives.

Some experts have predicted that for the first time since records began and in the face of medical advances, the life expectancy of future generations may actually fall.

This is through a increasing obesity as a result of poor diets and lack of exercise.

According to health experts, children aged between five and 18 years need an hour of exercise a day to stay healthy?

That’s the official advice from Public Health England, which says exercise is vital to keep children well.

So, on National Fitness Day Worcestershire County Council encouraged schools to think about how they can support students in doing daily exercise.

“It is one of Worcestershire County Council’s priorities to ensure children and young people live happy and healthy lives,” said councillor Marcus Hart, Worcestershire County Council cabinet member with responsibility for education and skills.

“This National Fitness Day, we’re encouraging schools to talk to children about physical activity and consider ways to incorporate daily exercise into the school day.”

There are lots of ways that teachers, parents and carers can include extra exercise in children’s day-to-day lives.

One of the most popular initiatives is The Daily Mile.

Thirty-two schools across Worcestershire currently participate in the free programme that encourages students to walk, run, hop, skip or jump for at least 15 minutes every day, on top of their usual PE curriculum.

Tenbury Primary School is raising funds to pay for a running track and last year the school was visited by multi Olympic Gold medallist Lizzie Yarnold to help inspire the children to get exercising.

Changes in society mean that children tend to spend more leisure time on sedentary activities and less on sport and playing outside with friends.

Many children do not walk but get brought to and taken from school in a car each day.

The Herefordshire and Worcestershire Sports Partnership also runs a number of programmes and events.

It also supports schools in the county to give children and young people exercise opportunities.