A MAN who was known as a campaigner for health and a fairer society died in Ludlow Hospital when the Covid-19 crisis was at its peak.

Local health campaigner Pete Gillard sadly passed away at Ludlow Community Hospital on Tuesday, April 21. He had been in hospital for a number of weeks.

Mr Gillard was a leading activist in Shropshire Defend Our NHS and was also active at national level in Keep Our NHS Public and Health Campaigns Together.

He is survived by his wife Gill George, Chair of Shropshire Defend Our NHS and a regular ‘Advertiser’ columnist

She said that the best legacy for him would be if as a result of the coronavirus outbreak the country had an NHS and social care system that is properly funded and with enough staff to enable the services to be run effectively.

“Pete’s priority, throughout the whole of his adult life, was about working with other people to try and make the world a better place for all of us,” she said.

“He never did the ‘Me, me, me’ stuff. He cared about everyone.

“I think part of Pete’s legacy must be learning the lessons of the Covid-19 pandemic and making sure we have an NHS and social care that are properly funded, properly staffed, and fit for purpose.

“There’s no question that’s what Pete wanted.”