THERE is a better than even chance that a driver taking a test for the first time in Ludlow will pass.

During the Coronavirus pandemic, thousands of driving tests across the UK have been cancelled.

According to government guidelines, driving tests are planned to resume in early July as the industry gears up for an influx of learner drivers.

Because of this, GoCompare has conducted a new report using DVSA data, analysing the first-time pass rates from over 324 driving centres across the country to find out where in the UK is the easiest and most difficult area to take a test.

This revealed that 50.5 per cent of drivers pass first time in Ludlow making it one of the best places in the country to take a test although 30 miles down the road the figure in Hereford is more than 56 per cent.

The UK Driving Test Report reveals that on average it costs £647 to pass a test, including on average 22 lessons and a theory test too - and that's just if the driver passes first-time round! While some learner drivers can take off the L-plates after their first attempt, some need more than five chances before passing. And this can quickly add up.