At the end of summer of 2017, apparently, not long after Thrice had finished up a national tour, singer Dustin Kensrue woke up in the middle of the night and found himself fixated on the mental image of an open hand.

As you do.

And that image instantly became his touchstone in the writing of Thrice’s tenth album, Palms.

He said: “I got up and started listing off all the things an open palm represented, especially as opposed to the idea of a closed hand or a fist.

"That became the basis of the record: that feeling of being open, whether it’s open to mystery or to receive things or to give.

"The album came from a place of trying to combat the hate and bigotry we’re seeing in the world right now, but attempting to do that in a way that’s non-divisive.”

Kensrue drew from sources as varied as the lectures of philosopher Alan Watts and the writings of Franciscan friar Richard Rohr.

The outcome can be seen and heard at a Thrice gig at Birmingham Academy on October 26.