A DISABLED woman has thanked staff from her local shop and members of a church for their support after she claims she’s been ‘living in hell’.

Janet Duncan says loose floor tiles in her property have caused her to trip over in her flat in Worcester, which have left her with bruises on her face.

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Miss Duncan says she has received a lot of support from St Paul’s Church and the newsagents St Paul’s News.

She said: “It feels brilliant. The staff from the shop have helped me so much. They deliver my milk to me on the days I can’t get up.

"They are always there when I need them. Even if I just need to talk to someone. They look out for me.

“I would like to say thank you to the staff at the shop for being there for me and listening to me. They say ‘come on Jan’ when I am crying." She added: “I feel like I have been lost for these past 18 months.”

Miss Duncan, 63, said members of the church has offered to redecorate her living room if they find the funds.

A spokesman from St Paul’s Church said: “We do support the local community where we can especially when they need a listening ear and emotional support. We are aware of Janet’s situation and are in conversation with the housing association.”

Miss Duncan claims she has had asbestos in her property in St Paul’s Street for over 18 months.

After reporting the issue to housing association Citizen, the company has said the tiles in her living room and hallway will be replaced at no charge.