THE Brexit saga continues to rumble on, much to the dismay of a growing band of people who are heartily sick of the whole thing.

It does seem that the whole affair has been horribly mismanaged by a political elite who have never recovered from the shock of the referendum, when they found out to their dismay that the people had the audacity to vote the “wrong” way.

It is greatly to be hoped that, whatever the outcome, people will look back on this whole malarkey and wonder what all the fuss is about.

After all, the Millennium Bug was going to mean the fall of civilisation as we know it, and what happened? Nothing, nada, zip.

In the same way, the predictions that if Brexit happens, borders will grind to a halt, food supplies will become scarce, essential medicines will vanish, and so on, are likely to be wide of the mark.

But whatever happens, the people of Britain will have realised that a large segment of the political, and media worlds view ordinary working people as an inferior class, who must be told what to think and say.

That attitude is not helpful, to put it mildly, to the fostering of an open and democratic culture.

Another incident which gives a further indication of the way things are going is the reception that the Extinction Rebellion mob got when they tried to stage a protest at Canning Town tube station.

They soon discovered, quite harshly, that the commuters were not about to let some protesters get in the way of their journeys to work.

Again, who the hell to these ER people think they are, that they have a right to harass people who are just trying to make a living and support themselves and their dependants?

Even ER itself seems to have realised that it made a huge public relations gaffe.

Targeting ordinary people, and on a public transport system at that, is not the way to win friends and influence people.

If they want to do that, they will have to set out their case in a rational fashion and allow people to make up their own minds. Glueing themselves to tube trains won’t get the job done.

Ultimately, the issue is that if the UK is to remain a democracy in fact as well as in name, then the people will have to be listened to seriously and respected. Without this, democracy will be a shell.