A CUSTODY sergeant has been spat on today by a person in custody claiming to have coronavirus.

Chief Superintendent Tom Harding uploaded a video to his twitter account explaining that due to the incident earlier today he is dropping off masks and hand held gels to officers on the frontline.

In the video Superintendent Tom Harding said: "I am pleased to be able to deliver this personal protective gear to our frontline officers. I understand that the NHS need these as a priority, but I am disgusted to report that one of our custody sergeants in Worcester has been spat at by a person in custody claiming to have coronavirus.

"Clearly, this was extremely distressing for the officer, she gone home to shower and change and our thoughts are with her at this time. I certainly hope the criminal justice system deals with that as robustly as possible."

"We will certainly invest the time in investigating this and putting the best case forward.

"However, I am pleased to be able to provide frontline officers with these protective measures, this is a team effort, and I am glad that we can continue to assist the public whilst also keeping ourselves safe.

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"The vast majority of the public have been fantastic and we thank you for staying home, staying safe and saving lives."