A ‘PREDATORY’ paramedic has been struck off for repeatedly groping female colleagues while they answered 999 calls.

West Midlands Ambulance Service (WMAS) paramedic Alan Campbell was found guilty of harassing eight colleagues after complaints were made he had squeezed their breasts, legs and bottoms.

Campbell, who supported staff answering 999 calls, had also exposed himself to a female colleague, asking her to kiss his penis, a Health and Care Professions Tribunal Service panel was told.

Campbell, who faced more than 30 allegations of inappropriate behaviour, was also found guilty of pushing a colleague to an ambulance floor and simulating sex with her as well as unzipping her uniform to the waist.

He resigned in August 2018 after an investigation into the sexual harassment allegations was started by WMAS.

The tribunal heard an initial complaint was made against Campbell in 2018 which led to seven other colleagues coming forward during the investigation.

Campbell targeted staff and touched them inappropriately whilst they were responding to emergency calls which, the women said, made it difficult to complain.

"When you are on an emergency call, you are talking to someone who is in crisis so you cannot suddenly shriek out or do anything; you must continue with the call in a professional and self-controlled manner," one female worker said.

"You have got people’s lives hanging in the balance on the phone."

Campbell, who faced more than 30 allegations of inappropriate behaviour, did not attend the disciplinary hearing in London.

A spokesman for WMAS said it welcomed the outcome of the hearing.

“Cases of assault or harassment are completely abhorrent; where allegations are made, the trust will investigate swiftly and take whatever appropriate action is needed to protect staff and the public,” a statement said.

"In June 2018, WMAS undertook a formal investigation into concerns raised about sexual harassment carried out by Mr Campbell. Prior to completion of the trust’s disciplinary process, Mr Campbell resigned.

"WMAS referred Mr Campbell to the HCPC in September 2018 as the trust had concerns about his fitness to practice as a paramedic and welcomes the outcome of the hearing."