THIS is the time of year when hundreds of us enjoy weekend trips to open gardens both large and small in and around Worcester.

But this year, due to the ongoing pandemic, many gardens are still closed to the public and we’re having to forego our fix of those visits where we can admire the planting skills of others and perhaps pick up a few ideas for our own patches.

So here at the Worcester News we’ve decided to hold a ‘virtual open garden’ instead, giving readers the chance to share pictures of their gardens, pots and window boxes. To get you started, we’ve chosen a few pictures sent in by our Camera Club members which highlight close up the terrific show of colours on display in the city and beyond.

But we want to show off your gardens in all their glory, and if you’d like to show us who you are at the same time, so much the better.

It doesn’t have to be a detailed study of a plant or flower, and you don’t have to be a keen amateur photographer.

It’s so easy to share your pictures. You can copy and paste this link – – attach your pictures and we’ll do the rest.

Or email them to us at Don’t forget to include your name, and what area you live in. Here is our first selection of pictures to get you going.