I REFER to a recent letter concerning the location of the Bromsgrove council offices.

For some years after local government re-organisation in the early 1970s, which amalgamated the former district and rural councils, the council used the former council’s offices.

These were at St John Street and Birmingham Road. The buildings in Burcot Lane, at that time, were neither brand new or purpose built. They were part of the former Shenstone Teacher Training College.

When the college closed the council purchased the whole of the campus.

The former student accommodation was converted to flats and the administration block required many alterations to enable it to be used by the various council departments.

The chapel was deconstructed and used by the town planning departments. The kitchen and dining room became the members’ room and council chamber.

Rebuilding work was carried out to improve the reception area. Most areas needed work to make them suitable for the council’s purposes.

The students’ theatre is now the Spadesbourne Suite and used by various organisations.

I understand that the reason for the council to move into the disused school, in Stourbridge Road, is to bring its services to the town centre.

However, together with the librarymovingto this site, I feel that the traffic situation at the junction with Birmingham Road,whichis already difficult, can only worsen.

Ellis Tucker, Bromsgrove