I WANT to thank some kind people who helped me after I fell into the road.

I was walking away from Bromsgrove high street towards the pedestrian crossings that takes you to Asda. Unfortunately my heel got stuck in the edge of the kerb and I fell into the road on my knees and thought I had broken my ankle. I was stuck, couldn’t move and the pain was excruciating.

Two ladies one with a child and another with a teenager helped me.

The lady with the young girl called for an ambulance and two lovely men, one with a dog, carried me to a safer place.

There was also a member of staff from Iceland I think or a local shop but all I could see was the strawberries he was carrying. He also collected all my shopping up out of the road along with the other lady.

The ambulance staff, two ladies, were magnificent.

The one lady even went over to Asda for me to let them now my car would be left there until my partner could pick it up later that night and explained the situation.

Liza Russell