I DIDN’T see the correspondence prior to Dennis Norton’s letter (An honest MP...), in today’s Advertiser, but I can guess at its content.

Nothing surprised me, with respect to the Rt Hon Mr Javid’s voting stance on the EU Referendum issue.

I was speaking (as the Ukip candidate) to a voter outside the Barnt Green shops on Hewell Rd one Saturday morning in 2010, when he came up to us. “Why are you standing, Steven?” he asked, “You’ll simply split the Conservative vote and let Labour in! I’m a Eurosceptic, a profound Eurosceptic!”

I remember, in a daily assembly at secondary school (decades ago!), the lesson was ‘the difference between honesty and integrity’.

A quick visit to theyworkforyou.

com, and we can see that “Sajid Javid has never rebelled against their party in the current parliament“, and has “generally voted for more EU integration”.

Difficult to understand as, for example, we have largely lost domain over VAT (in a step towards pan-EU tax harmonisation), Foreign Affairs and Defence, and Immigration and Asylum, to the EU.

Perhaps it wasn’t Mr Javid’s honesty that was being contemplated by your correspondents?

Steven Morson Aston Field