AFTER reading that they are now closing the very successful and innovated What!

Stores, it has now been ordered to hand it keys back in May loosing a few staff their jobs, yet what is the reason?

There are no plans to build on that site at the moment, so yet again another empty building to add to the already ghost town of Bromsgrove.

But for some reason they are going to be building a Waitrose. This is not Solihull.

People here enjoy shopping at the What Shop, Poundland, Farmfoods, Aldi.

If they looked at the footfall of all these stores, it would show that people are careful with their budget, and these stores suit their needs, so how can they justify building one of the most expensive stores in a town that is suffering already.

I refuse to shop at Asda as why should l have to pay to park and shop, no doubt this will be the same for Waitrose.

Oh well we have a town that is full of coffee shops, charity shops, banks and empty shops.

l am sure the new Waitrose will lure money but not the people.

Glenda O’Meara