WE were sorry to read in the letters section of the Advertiser that the resident at Martingale Close was unhappy with the new hedge along Wheatridge Road.

To reassure, this hedge was a replacement for the hedge that was taken up before the houses on Cooper and Wheelwright Close were developed.

It was, in fact, part of the planning stipulation to replace the hedge which had sadly been overlooked.

When residents approached us about this oversight we were happy to work with the council to get the replacement.

As councillors, we are guided by ideas from our community and this hedge was a very popular one.

With all projects that we undertake, we, along with the council officers, consider the feasibility of long term maintenance.

We are pleased to say that in this case the district council were very confident they could maintain the hedge under the height of the adjacent fences with their current provision and, accordingly, there will be no extra cost to the tax payer.

As councillors, we welcome hearing from residents about their ideas, as well as their concerns.

In this case, we are happy to reassure and welcome any other suggestions.

We are also always willing to get our hands dirty whenever is needed and help out in the community.

Cllr Michael Thompson and Cllr Chris Bloore