IT’S a shame that S Neal has to complain about improvements to the environment.

Let’s get the facts straight. A hedge stood on this site up to 30 years ago; during house building in Wheelwright Close sections were removed leaving just a few remnants, in later years more sections were removed.

Had the full hedge remained the council would have had the responsibility and cost of maintaining it, so, 30 years of maintenance costs saved. I have a mature laurel hedge in my garden; it certainly does not grow 2ft per year.

The type of hedge was not selected by the local councillors, but by the council, so they must have been aware of any maintenance costs.

It’s interesting to note that a similar hedge has been planted in Rubery; will S.Neal also complain about this?

On reflection, one wonders if the complaint is more politically motivated than the concern about the cost.

J Dutton

Stoke Heath