THE recent announcement that the new Dolphin Centre requires a further £700,000 on top of the already agreed £13m sends shockwaves down the spine of non-town centre elected Bromsgrove district councillors – well at least those independent councillors. This is not to mention how the campaigners for the sports hall must feel at again being totally ignored and let down by their elected members.

As representatives of almost half of the population of Bromsgrove the Independent Alliance Group councillors work tirelessly to bring investment and betterment to our communities. This is again being potentially thwarted by the injection of another near three quarters of a million pounds into a yet to be built centre which will bring little benefit to outlying areas.

Bids have been submitted by independent councillors during the last financial year for support for community projects in Hagley, Wythall and Barnt Green. These bids are still to be determined, obviously coming someway down the pecking order of priorities and being totally overshadowed by this level of continued expenditure.

We were the first to raise the whole issue of viability of the near £20m expenditure and its effect on the council’s ability to have a robust financial strategy. I seem to remember the delight the cabinet seemed to take in rejecting our alternative balanced budget and the lack of acceptance of the proposed crossparty review of the business case for the new Dolphin Centre.

These decisions made today will have a lasting impact on the whole of the district which will lumber future administrations and tax payers with significant repayment costs.

Cllr Steve Colella Deputy Leader Independent Alliance Group