I RESPECTFULLY propose two possibilities for a series of mysterious events in Bromsgrove which include the “whole sky lighting up.”

1. A possible meteorite explosion in the upper atmosphere, as it was going through the process of entry into Earth’s atmosphere. The electro magnetic pulse may explain Mrs Patricia Fielding’s issues, who allegedly ‘lost her tv signal’.

2. There have been severe thunderstorms throughout Europe, in particular France and Germany. These are electrical in nature with some overflow of storms patterns into Britain.

3. Mr Matthew Bowden thought it might have been a ‘large drone.’ A new type of large airship is currently being tested and its flight paths will cover the entire country.

This airship has the unusual feature of not being ‘lighter than air.’ Lift is provided by both helium gas and powerful lift engines. This has been done to make the craft more manageable in flight.

It would be nice to find evidence of ancient civilisations or an ancient submarine. However, sadly, I feel that recent events reported have a more down to Earth explanation!

Hage Ridarta Ashmead Rise, Cofton Hackett, Rednal