I would like to make a complaint about Bromsgrove council planning department. Whose side is it on? The local town? The community?

A village that is bursting at the seams but still lovely and just surviving poor management.

So many awful decisions are being made concerning developments that this little town simply can’t accommodate.

Why isn’t the council helping our town and making choices to improve the town and its community?

Is it really as obvious as people who live in huge houses out of the area, adding to their bank balances?

I am specifically against the new housing plans for Perryfield road.

As a Bromsgrove resident, living on Willow Road and taking my children every morning to Millfields primary school, I am already very aware of the dangerous traffic on the Perryfields Road junction.

How on earth can the area take possibly 2,000 extra cars?!

Our schools are massively oversubscribed, as are our doctors and dentists, our roads are congested, the town has no room to park.

The local community, amenities and schools can not support this increase in population nor do we want to.

Please somebody, do the right thing for Bromsgrove.

Sarah Cheuk Willow Road Bromsgrove