I HAVE recently moved to Sidemore and I am horrified with the number of Asda shopping trolleys littering the streets and green spaces. On the short journey from from Asda to my home off Broad Street I counted 12 abandoned trolleys.

I regularly see people pushing trolleys in broad daylight with no fear of recrimination. Surely it is illegal to remove the trolleys but I see no police interest. Neither do I see council officials taking action, yet they are quick to ticket a car.

I complained to Asda again today but I was simply told “There is nothing we can do”. Well I believe there is, and Asda should be made to fix the problem. The £1 coin slot is a complete failure so there needs to be a different solution. We will not change the behaviour of people who remove these trolleys in the short term but I do believe that with some focus and a little creativity we can fix the problem now before there is a serious health and safety issue.

K Davis