Very concerned I AM a resident of Stoneybridge and am greatly concerned about the possibility of an incinerator bottom ash facility near to the Stoneybridge roundabout.

I am objecting to this proposal on the following grounds: 1. The vehicle routes. A greater volume of traffic as a result of this facility will be introduced to the area. Do you have any plans in place to make sure that all service vehicles can only access and leave from the M5 motorway?

2. Dust.

(a) Amount of dust. I am concerned about the increased amount of dust that will be created by this facility and how this will affect the health of the nearby residents. In addition, a high degree of dust will also have a huge impact on the local flora and fauna.

(b) Dust composition. The composition of the dust is of great concern because the dust may contain heavy metals such as lead. How do Veolia plan to control/contain the material that will be disposed of so as not to impact on the health and safety of the nearby residents?

(c). Dust monitoring. What monitoring will Veolia be doing to ensure no pollution to the surrounding areas?

3. Water supply. As you know, the proposed site sits above an aquifer.

Any possibility of contamination to our drinking water is of great concern.

This could affect over 15,000 people in the area.

I am hugely disappointed and obviously very worried about the proposal and strongly object to the proposed development.

I am particularly concerned about the impact this site will have on the health and safety of my family. In addition, there is a primary school in Fairfield, which is very close to the proposed site. The impact of this proposed site could have far-reaching consequences for the health and safety of our children.

I would greatly appreciate it if the above points could be taken into consideration.

Dr Suzanne Milway (BSc, PhD) Rose Dene Stoneybridge