I am writing in response to the letter about the local Labour Party’s affiliation with the Labour Animal Welfare Society (printed December 21).

The anonymous author suggested we should, instead, consider some other issues naming the NHS, children’s centres and cuts to rail services as more pressing.

Perhaps the author missed the recent article in the local Advertiser concerning Labour’s street stall and petition in Bromsgrove High Street, raising awareness of funding to the NHS and cuts to services in local children’s centres – or the coverage of Labour’s opposition to rail service cuts at the local station.

I hope the author will be reassured to know that it is only Labour councillors that have opposed cuts to local bus services and children’s centres at council; that it is only Labour councillors who stood and protested with local residents to save the local sports hall and that it is only Labour councillors who are fighting for a by-pass and for better infrastructure to relieve the gridlock that is Bromsgrove’s traffic system.

We are proud of our effort to improve the lives of groups and individuals on every level and I would encourage the author of the letter, whose priorities seem very much aligned with ours, to come and join us in these local campaigns.

Dr Michael Thompson

District Councillor for Rock Hill

Chairman of Bromsgrove Labour Party