Having read the Wed 4 January issue of The Advertiser, perhaps Transport For West Midlands should use the services of your Specialist Directory to find some competent professional roofers and builders local to Bromsgrove who can fix the station roof.

I suspect they would be better value for money, and appear certainly more knowledgeable than the “professionals” who rain proofed a £24 million investment.

It was welcoming to read that after completion of the work in July an “investigation into the cause of the leak is underway”. More cost and more wasted time.

Our local boys could be trusted with many types of roofing where guarantees are issued yet at the first sign of major rainfall our lovely new, late delivered and expensive station is still beset with problems.

It was heartening to read that after all the money spent Mr Thomas from London Midland was quoted as saying “the weather in the UK is notoriously difficult to predict”.

Mr Thomas is, it appears, another graduate of the University of the B****y Obvious as many rail passengers now know to their cost.

Yours in gumboots,

Graham Dallas

Wenlock Drive