Could we please have a reminder that if a dog is off the lead and out of control in a public place (including parks and pathways) owners are breaking the law and there are penalties. No one is suggesting draconian adherence but cries of “he’s only being friendly ....” or “he wont hurt you ....” do not represent control.

A dog under the control of its owner, and who responds to a recall, is no problem. But unfortunately there are a lot of dangerous animals attached to a lead these days and its not the dogs!

I have given up walking my well controlled but anxious dog in public places but the week before last my friend’s frail Labrador was knocked off her feet by a boisterous dog in Saunders Park and guess what? The owner was oblivious. Too busy talking to someone else in the distance.

A little courtesy and consideration for other park users would be appreciated.

Griselda Mortenson

Stoke Heath