I am personally not in principle opposed to new housing developments in Bromsgrove. I accept that nationally there is a major shortage of affordable housing and Bromsgrove must play its part in helping to provide land for new housing developments.

I do however think it is crazy to resurrect plans for the Whitford Road development and to progress with the large scale development of over a 1,00 homes in the Perryfields area, in addition to the current development at Norton Farm, with no serious consideration having been given to how the current already struggling road system is expected to cope with the extra traffic from another 2,000 new homes.

Given that Bromsgrove is a commuter town with a higher than average proportion of residents using their private cars to travel to work, it is imperative that local political representatives work together to address this. These housing developments should not be allowed to be progressed if the current ‘head in the sand’ approach of the District and County Council to the inadequate road infrastructure issue continues.

Bernard McEldowney Lickey End Bromsgrove