I’M writing about your article on Rubery receiving £100,000. I love the thought of Rubery having money spent on it, but we first need to make sure the people who use Rubery are safe first.

Only last Wednesday a fatal accident happened.

Why have Bromsgrove council stopped traffic wardens in Rubery?

Now you can walk through there any day and find cars and even big vans parked on double yellow lines. This is dangerous for pedestrians and the road leading to the Co-op where the accident happened .

The steps leading down from the Co-op are dangerous especially for elderly people or young children if you fall down them you fall onto the road.

The road leading to the Co-op and the car park at the back is a very busy road.

I think Bromsgrove need to make Rubery safe for people to use as well as giving us fancy benches and new bins.

C Gauntlett