I feel it is necessary for me to put on record my experience of our much maligned NHS, the Alexandra Hospital and the Bromsgrove Princess of Wales Community Hospital in particular.

At the beginning of February I had a fall at home in which I fractured my hip bone. An ambulance was sent for and I was immediately taken to the Alex for an examination and treatment. This all took place, I might add, on a Sunday evening.

There were no lengthy queues, I was x-rayed immediately and given the results straight away that I had broken my femur and would require surgery.

There were no beds available on the wards so it was necessary for me to spend the night in the accident and emergency department. I was treated with every kindness and respect and spent the night in a comfortable bed.

The following day I was taken to Ward 17 where the surgeon decided to operate Opinion Register with www.immobilise.

The members of staff were kindness itself. I spent about ten days on Ward 17 before being transferred to the Princess of Wales hospital in Bromsgrove.

I spent the next five weeks on Cottage Ward where again I was treated, both day and night, with every kindness and consideration and encouragement to rehabilitate.

I would like to thank the staff at both hospitals for all their care towards me.

From my experience I have to say that far from closing down the Alex or Princess of Wales hospital we should be pouring money in to keep them open.

The staff, in our NHS, are paid a pittance and should be rewarded with sizeable increases in their salaries.

Let us be proud of our NHS instead of constantly knocking it down.

Cyril Horne