I agree totally with the views expressed by Ann Holmes, Bromsgrove Town, on the subject of ongoing traffic congestion.

Putting in a few cycle routes and building an expensive footbridge, will clearly not solve the congestion problem.

The fact is we need to look at a ‘Western Bypass.’ Although the dual carriageway is quoted as possibly being £60 million to build for a five-mile stretch at today’s prices, I doubt the powers that be have got a spare 60 pence surplus to spend on transport, even though we pay massive amounts in fuel duty, VAT, Vehicle Excise Duty, Insurance Tax and so on.

I therefore propose the building of a ‘turnpike’ with peak and off-peak tolls, funded and managed by the private sector! The charge needs to be sensible and set at £1 peak & 50p offpeak.

I have in mind the Chinese who are always interested in big projects and this could be part of a package which should include electric vehicle recharging sites at car parks and service stations in Bromsgrove town centre.

The one big thing lacking is ‘Service Centres’ for electric cars and vans too.

I’ve got a small electric runabout but can’t use it simply because it needs replacement reliable batteries and a good service, which no one in the West Midlands or County of Worcestershire is competent enough to provide and all of this when the Tories have plans to ban the sale of petrol and diesel cars from 2040.

Transport in Bromsgrove Town Centre as Councillor Peter McDonald quite rightly points out is “a complete shambles.”

John A Ridarta Rednal