I read with horror your article with regards to ‘Nine officers earning over £100k’.

Bromsgrove District Council then has the audacity to cut local services, stating there is not enough funds. I really don’t know how these people can live with themselves. The Prime Minister is on less money, and she has a far bigger workload. How can BDC earn so much money when they are either inadequate with their training, or just lazy at their job?

They appear to only be able to communicate behind a computer screen.

I recently called into Bromsgrove District Council Help Desk. There were two ladies behind a computer screen chatting. I asked one of the ladies for a complaint form. She advised me to go into the library and use their

computer to obtain a complaints form.

I informed her that I did not have time and how would BDC customers without a computer, or do not know how to use a computer, obtain a complaints form? She advised me to write in. I advised her that I had written in twice, without receiving any replies. She then told me there was a backlog of work. I said: “What since February”? She said “Yes”. She then advised me to sit and wait to see the enquiry operative. There was a lady

waiting to be dealt with at the time but the operative was nowhere to be seen. I waited 10 minutes and the operative did not return. I then asked the ladies at the Help Desk to send me a complaint form in the post as I could no longer wait.

I am still waiting for a complaints form and a reply to my two letters. I feel the attitude BDC have towards their customers is totally disrespectful and certainly not approachable.

It appears they are answerable to no-one though. BDC have also discriminated against customers that do not have computers, or do not know how to use a computer.

They do not seem to be allowed any rights.

Name and address supplied