I am a scooter user with spinal problems. I leave my scooter outside as there isn't room in side, there are exceptions a lady who has only one leg takes her scooter in and the quote the human rights commission all reasonable adjustments are made, most people on scooters are able to walk a little if not I know the café would help. I for one would rather see the prams inside the café rather than leave them outside in this day and age. How many cafes in Bromsgrove can you get in with a scooter. Coffee 2 also has a large disabled toilet most of the cafes in Bromsgrove have toilets upstairs. Coffee 2 is a small family run business and all the staff are polite and nothing is to much trouble. I for one look forward to going every day for my coffee where I have made lots of friends.

G. Vivian

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