I do not agree that the staff are discriminating against this person, they were acting in a sensible manner in refusing the use of a motorised scooter in the store.

This type of scooter are rather large so surely she could see that there is insufficient room inside for manoeuvring a scooter particularly as staff are constantly walking up and down with hot drinks and meals. My husband uses a mobility scooter which he leaves outside and walks the short distance to a table. I am sure that if the lady had asked for assistance the staff would be more than willing to assist and would have found room to accommodate her as near to the entrance as possible to reduce the need for walking too far. In addition, weather permitting there is ample room to sit outside.

We have never met with any discrimination whatsoever when using this cafe/bistro and may be if the women had been a little more tolerant and patient this whole matter could have been resolved without the need to have to complain to the press about something that does not exist in the cafe/bistro.

I think that if you look into other cafes in the high street they too would most probably have to refuse entry of a motorised scooter as they do not have the capacity to accommodate these.

In the circumstances i think this whole matter has been blown out of all proportion in that there is no discrimination against this person only sensible logic being applied.

Name and address withheld