MADAM - Whilst appreciating the work to improve the walking and cycling arrangements around the A38 which have attracted investment from Worcestershire County Council is it not time to improve traffic flows in the town centre itself.

The junction between Market Street, Birmingham Road, Stourbridge Road and The Strand could be altered to alleviate queuing at peak times if the junction were moderately widened sufficiently to allow two lanes of traffic on the approaches from Stourbridge Road and The Strand.

Currently the access is one lane only restricting ahead and left turning traffic from manoeuvring when the only lane is blocked by right turning vehicles. Market Street and Birmingham Road already have the two lane system for turning under traffic light control.

Since our own local council cannot alleviate future traffic pressure as increased house building is seen as their way forward in developing the West of Bromsgrove the road system from this part of town will see increased traffic on Stourbridge Road into the town centre.

The Western Bypass appears to have no support from either Worcestershire County Council or Bromsgrove District Council so Stourbridge Road's future appears to be sealed for the worst.

Graham Dallas