WE live near the Perryfields allotments, which are known to be populated by many foxes.

We have within the last week lost a cat and are sure that she has been attacked and killed by a fox.

While we have no evidence of this as a fact we were told by a neighbour that she heard a terrible cry and screeching of an animal being attacked on the allotments the night we last saw our pet cat.

Indeed it was about this time last year when we lost another cat that just went missing without a trace. We now suspect that she was also a victim of the urban fox.

Both our lost cats were not wanderers and were neutered small female cats micro-chipped with collars. It seems too much of a coincidence that they have both gone missing.

I just want a message to go to our local community that they should be mindful that foxes are potential killers of domestic animals and not to encourage them to come closer to houses by leaving out scraps of food.

My personal view, for what it’s worth, is that the fox has a right as any other animal for existence and I am totally against fox hunting as a ‘sport’.

I do, however, believe that we should keep a boundary between the domain of the fox, which should be the countryside, and not in urban areas when they become a threat to domestic animals.

John Hughes, Crabtree Lane, Bromsgrove