I WISH to lodge my disappointment at your coverage of the Worcestershire Hunt from Boxing Day in Droitwich Spa.

It was one sided and by inference glorified the illegal activity of hunting with dogs.

It was clearly written by someone who is pro-hunting with dogs and as such that should have been picked up by your editorial team and a more balanced view given.

As we all know, and no one should pretend otherwise, this is a celebration of an illegal activity. It is not just me who says this is illegal, it is the law of the land and no one in this country is above the law.

Foxes are still hunted down and torn apart by the hounds, accidentallynowof course, and no – before anyone howls in protest – I am not a townie.

What would we do if other law breakers and their supporters amassed in the town centre and flaunted their total disregard for the law and political system in this country that we are supposedly so proud of?

What would you be printing if itwerestreet carboyracersand their supporters or the local badger-baiting fraternity.

Wouldyourreporthavebeenso sympathetic – I think not.

I suggest you send your editorial team out on a hunt, witness the real truthandreportonthat in a future edition. That might open some people’s eyes as to what really goes on as I have witnessed my self, totally unintentionally, over the past three weeks both in Worcestershire and Shropshire.

Dave Barnes,JackdawLane, Droitwich Spa