UNHAPPY Studley boss Keith Draper opened his heart this week and admitted there was disharmony in the dressing room after his side were surprisingly lashed 5-1 at Lichfield City in Midland League One.

It was a complete contrast to their 5-0 midweek demolition of Dudley Town in the Birmingham Floodlit Cup and Draper admitted: "I thought after that result, we'd turned the corner.

"But we produced complete garbage at Lichfield and I sensed all was not well with the players.

"I've operated a rotation system with the players ever since I took over at Studley and it has worked well for us.

"It worked well, because the players all bought into it and could see what we were trying to do.

"That doesn't seem to be the case anymore with some of them.

"They're happy with the rotation system, until it's their turn to drop out. Them some of them throw their toys out of the pram and question everything you are trying to do.

"The mood has changed so much that sometimes it feels as though I'm running against the river.

"This is the best group of players I have ever assembled during my time in management. The players have been brought in to fit the system, but it's not working at the moment and the reason things aren't working is because we're not all pulling together.

"It's been going on since before Christmas and has spread through the dressing room like a cancer.

"It cannot go on and something has to change. Either I move on, or the players move on. That's the situation we find ourselves in.

"I've always prided myself on my man-management and my ability to talk with players. It's served me well in the past.

"But I can't continue with unhappy players because it's wearing me down. The attitude has to change, otherwise things will start drifting away."

Studley's response will be put to the test this Saturday as they entertain top of the table and title favourites Walsall Wood at the Beehive.