A BROMSGROVE businessman who staged a protest at Worcester Warriors’ stadium said he is no further forward with payment.

Director of Bromsgrove-based Versatility in Print, David Chill claims the club owes him £3,500 for promotional goods purchased last year.

The 59-year-old staged a one-man protest last Thursday, August 25, locking himself inside the reception area.

David said he supplied the club with goods last December and has been trying to get paid since.

During the protest, he said he spoke on the phone with Warriors’ managing director, Peter Kelly but no progress was made.

David protested for around two and a half hours before realising no more could be done to get his money back.

“It is an awful situation as we, as small businesses, are suffering because of this,” said David.

“It is a lot of money I am owed, and I have six members of staff so the money would have gone to their wages bill.

“It is not a good situation to be in and unfortunately there are a lot of businesses and people like us in the same position.

“Worcester Warriors should be ambassadors for the county, and yes, they say they are sorry, but it doesn’t pay the bills.”