WORCESTERSHIRE will once again make the trip to Desert Springs in Spain ahead of the 2024 cricket season.

The squad, not including players who have been playing abroad in the winter, will take part in a 10-day training camp from March 4-14.

Following a second successive year of going to Desert Springs, the entire squad will meet at Kidderminster CC in mid-March before the season begins in April.

“It's just a great opportunity for those boys who are not playing overseas this winter," said head coach Alan Richardson. "They get a chance to get 10 days practice outside before we get to Kidderminster in the middle of March.

"Last year was hugely beneficial and this year should be even better because we will know our way around, and know what we are dealing with.

"For the boys who have put in a hard slog in the winter, in the gym and at Malvern, it is a real opportunity for them to just takes thing on.

"It is a real nice stepping stone for the boys, to go from practicing for three months indoors, to going to a week outdoors where they can get used to that again.

"It is a change of scenery and having the grass under their feet again."