"THE badge of honour Worcester has held" could be removed after it was revealed that the future of the city's iconic cricket ground is uncertain.

An "unprecedented" amount of flooding has led Worcestershire County Cricket Club to admit its future at New Road is a "real issue". 

Supporter and former Cricket Development Board member councillor Jabba Riaz said the news is disheartening, but he understands why the club may make the decision to move.

"It is a small club fighting above its weight and is achieving unfathomable results," the city councillor said .

"As a supporter and a resident, I am gutted to hear the news, but what other solution is there?

Bromsgrove Advertiser: A view of Worcestershire Cricket Ground in Worcester, flooded by the River Severn, following heavy"If investment comes, it could spend millions on raising the ground or building a wall around the pitch, but that will block views, and there are other issues with planning.

"There is no easy solution.

"I think it is disheartening and disappointing, but I think logistically moving on may be their only choice."

 Worcestershire County Cricket Club was formed on March 4, 1865, and the team moved into its New Road home shortly after in 1896.

New Road is an iconic ground loved by cricket fans nationwide for its cathedral views.

It spends much of the winter months underwater due to the river Severn flooding.

The Board of Worcestershire County Cricket Club said it is now exploring every option, including a move from its current New Road location.

Cllr Riaz added: "It is the badge of honour that could be removed from Worcester.

"We have been the home of Worcestershire cricket and it will leave a massive hole in the city centre.

"It will be a massive blow for tourism.

"I hope that if they move, they will still keep cricket playing there and retain the ground for nostalgia purposes, and if that is the case, as a city councillor, I will fight for that.

"The ground is a picture the world remembers, and people have so many memories of cricket playing there.

"I don't think the heart of cricket could be taken out of New Road.

"It will always be remembered."

As previously reported, a statement by Worcestershire County Cricket Club said: "Given the recent unprecedented record volume of flooding at New Road and the increasing regularity of flooding, the Board of Worcestershire County Cricket Club understands the very real issues regarding the sustainability of the club.

"As a board, we will make it our key priority to explore every option, including a move from New Road, over the next few months so we can provide the membership and key stakeholders with a plan.

"This is to ensure the long-term future of Worcestershire County Cricket Club."