A BROMSGROVE photographer is giving people the chance to view her images showing the devastating impact of the Haiti earthquake.

On Saturday, January 12, ceremonies will be taking place marking three years to the day the earthquake struck.

The Haiti government says more than 300,000 people died, thousands more were injured and millions were left homeless.

Ruth Edwards, from Burcot, has travelled to the country as a freelance flight attendant, and took images that capture how the country has been responding and recovering on a month-by-month basis.

Ruth said: “It's been a pretty disastrous three years for this poverty stricken island (since the earthquake).

“At first the world reacted to their humanitarian needs, but since attention has been diverted elsewhere.”

Ruth said Haiti’s capital city, Port au Prince, remains a dangerous place to visit so she always travels with a security guard by her side.

She also, for her safety, is only allowed to take pictures out of the window of an armoured car driving through the city.

The Haven charity was set up to support Haitians and after the earthquake it has been working in affected areas, providing emergency relief to those most in need.

The charity’s chairman, Leslie Buckley, approached Ruth about using her photographs, and the images are being used this January in a exhibition during Haiti Week being held in Ireland - where the charity was formed.

Ruth has also made the pictures available to view online, in an attempt to raise money for the charity. Simply visit refocusphotography.co.uk and log in, or visit Facebook and search for page REfocus photography, where the album Haiti - the past 3 years is available to view.

Ruth is encouraging people to support the Haven charity by giving money or  by becoming a volunteer. The charity’s website is havenpartnership.com.