HOMEOWNERS in Bromsgrove are being encouraged to take advantage of an opportunity to have their properties externally insulated at a low cost.

Bromsgrove District Council is notifying 350 private homeowners that they may be able to take advantage of a chance to have the external wall insulation work done cost effectively, during improvement works Bromsgrove District Housing Trust (BDHT) is hoping to carry out.

BDHT has applied for six planning permissions for roads in the town that include the trust's properties. But the council says that all the homes in the project area - not just BDHT properties - could hypothetically be eligible.

This means homeowners in the Catshill, Charford and Sidemoor areas can have the work done at the low cost, as it will be combining with BDHT's proposals that will be making savings on items like scaffolding and worker time.

The scheme could also access funding that may be available for green improvements.

Letters have been sent by the council to owner-occupied households, giving them the choice to join up to the scheme if they wish.
The council say the improvements can slash up to £450 a year off heating bills.

The authority's head of environmental services Guy Revans said: “In the past when these external insulation projects have been carried out, neighbours have said that they would have liked the chance to have their house done at the same time.

"We've responded to that feedback with this work so hopefully we can help residents get a really good deal if they wish.

“We want to create a situation where homeowners in the areas can decide, simply and easily, to seize the opportunity because the major contractual and planning issues will already have been taken care of.”

The planning applications are expected to be considered by Bromsgrove planners in February. The council explained all eligible homes in the project areas have been included, ensuring homeowners can come on board if they wish.

Also planned to be offered to everyone are home energy assessments that show the cost-effectiveness of the full range of potential energy saving measures, sure as more efficient boilers.

The assessments can also help access funding that may be available, to reduce the costs.

Bromsgrove District Councillor Kit Taylor, whose portfolio includes climate change, said: “These innovative proposals could give hundreds of private homeowners an opportunity to save money and keep warm, and reduce their gas and electricity use too.

"It’s early days yet and the proposals will have to receive planning permission, but subject to that by working together with BDHT the council’s energy experts hope to bring real benefits to residents.”

For more on this project and how to get involved visit bromsgrove.gov.uk/warmerwallsproject. For free and impartial advice call Act on Energy on 0800 988 2881, or email advice@actonenergy.co.uk.