THE deputy headmaster of Bromsgrove School has written a book about the experiences of its former pupils who fought and died in the First World War.

Philip Bowen's book, Bromsgrove School at War 1914 – 1919, gives an intimate insight into what life was like for pupils and staff during the war and how they helped the war effort.

"The First World War played such a big part in our history that this was a book waiting to be written, and as we are coming so close to its anniversary this was the perfect time to write it," said Mr Bowen.

Some of the stories that are included in the book include former students being awarded the Victoria Cross, fighting on the Pakistan-Afghanistan border and a poem about the school written on a fallen solider's clothes.

"There were also many changes at the school, including meat rations, trenches in the school grounds and pupils sent to work on farms during the summer holidays," explained Mr Bowen.

The publication was launched to a capacity audience at the school’s Routh Hall, the hall dedicated to R G Routh who was headmaster during the First World War.

Narrators and musicians from the school led the audience through the story with some very poignant songs and poems being performed.

The audience, made up of parents, former pupils, staff, local historians and the local Royal British Legion were full of praise for the performers.

The book is available to buy from the school’s shop or by calling the school on 01527 579679.