BROMSGROVE residents Graeme and Jane Eccles have completed an epic journey, cycling more than 1,000 miles from John O’Groats to Lands End to raise money for a specialist medical charity close to their hearts.

Eight years ago, just after their son George was born, Mrs Eccles contracted Necrotising Fasciitis, and was given only two hours to live.

The condition, which is more commonly known as IGAS gangrene, is an extremely ravenous bacterial infection that can destroy inches of flesh per hour and can take a life within three days.

Mrs Eccles has made a slow recovery back to health, having to re-grow abdominal tissue and learn to walk again, all while taking care of her new baby.

The couple were determined to get on their bikes for a fundraiser to help combat the infection, and after two years of training they were ready for their challenge.

Mr Eccles said: “Jane couldn’t even lift her leg over the crossbar when she first bought her bike. She has come a long way.”

The couple recorded their journey, and Mrs Eccles Necrotising Fasciitis story at

Mr Eccles added: It’s an emotional read but the feedback from readers has been so positive.”

The journey, which took the couple 14 days, is raising money for the Lee Spark NF Foundation, which helps to educate medical professionals to be able to identify the signs of the condition, so that it can be treated quickly and effectively.

To support the charity by sponsoring Graeme and Jane, visit