A CHRISTMAS bazaar to raise vital funds for refugees fleeing war-torn countries and Haiti victims left devastated by Hurricane Matthew will be held in Catshill.

Catshill Methodist Church will hold its annual Christmas bazaar on Saturday, November 19, at the Church Centre on Golden Cross Lane from 2pm until 4pm.

Although money raised each year usually goes to the church, organisers have decided to donate this year’s takings to support families in need from around the world.

Takings from the event will go towards sending six packages of emergency supplies – costing £250 each – to provide shelter, food and medicine.

David Morgan, senior steward at the church, said: "We have been touched by the plight of the people of Haiti and also the sheer volume of refugees fleeing from war torn parts of the world.

"As Christmas approaches we will have so much and they will have so little, many of them having lost most if not all of what was precious to them.

"The least we can do is to try and help.

"So, starting at the bazaar, we have pledged to raise enough to purchase six packages of emergency supplies, each containing shelter, food and medicines, to help a family in need.

"Each package costs £250 and we are hoping that the bazaar will give us an excellent start."

The bazaar, which is free to enter, will include sales of DVDs, CDs, books and household items, as well as a Father Christmas and grotto, a tea shop and a variety of stalls.