DRIVERS are being advised to prepare for several changes being made to Bromsgrove's car parks next week.

Bromsgrove District Council has announced a number of changes, set to take effect from April 1, the most significant being the renaming of Bromsgrove Train Station Car Park, which will now be called Aston Fields Car Park.

The council has also revealed a new free parking option at the old station car park for shoppers, who can now use it without charge for up to two hours, provided a 'free' ticket is obtained from the machine and displayed showing the date and time.

Also being renamed is Hanover Street Car Park, which will now go by St John Street Car Park.

This facility is being redesignated as a short-stay car park and, once the new Waitrose is complete in May, will be available for shoppers in the store and town centre.

Waitrose customers spending £10 in the store will be able to have up to £1 of their car park fee refunded by the store.

New Road, Parkside and Recreation Road South car parks will be redesignated as long-stay car parks, with New Road and Parkside available for use by long-stay season ticket holders.

The charging structure for all of the car parks will be amended accordingly, based on existing tariffs.

The changes are being made as a result of customer demand and subsequent amendments to the council's Parking Order.

Guy Revans, head of environmental services, said: “We apologise for any confusion the changes may initially cause and would advise frequent users of these car parks to be aware of when they will be taking effect.”